Booster Shots

Yesterday afternoon I was rushing around trying to collect our things before we left for a trip to the library and Little Dude's dance class. Suddenly I felt an incredibly sharp pain in my foot and looked down to see that I'd stepped on a nail. On my floor. I think it came out of our couch, because our couch is old and falling apart, plus Mr. Fob just rearranged the slip covers and cushions on Thursday night. I hobbled over to the closet to get a band-aid, stuck it on my bleeding foot, and left to run our errands. After I got back from that I started to wonder if I should worry more about my health, and a quick check of my records showed that I had last received a tetanus shot ten years ago before leaving on my mission. So I drove down to the student health center and got myself a booster shot. Today my foot feels better but my arm really hurts.

I was worried that the health center would delay me too long and I would miss our date last night, but thankfully we still made it. Even though we're only going to be here a little longer we decided to start doing a babysitting exchange with two other families in the ward. Last night we dropped our kids off at our friends' house and went downtown to listen to some other friends of mine play music together at a cafe. Mr. Fob and I had a great time listening to music, chatting, and eating yummy chocolate desserts. Afterwards we realized how much we needed that time together just for us to reconnect and relax.

So the moral of last night is two-fold: stay up-to-date on your immunizations, and go on more dates with your special someone. Both are essential for health and happiness.


Julie said…
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Julie said…
What, you have health records on yourself? The only shot records I have are for my kids!

I miss the baby sitting exchange we had with a friend in Oregon! Guaranteed date once a month with free babysitting, nothing better.
What a lovely date. I think the title of your post matches your date story too--relationships need boosters as much as our immune systems too.

I hate the tetanus shot. It makes you feel like they've given you tetanus in your arm.

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