Choose Your Own Adventure

On Saturday we had another wonderful family day. We drove out the organic farm that delivers our weekly produce bin and took a tour. The sun was shining and the hills were turning from the green of spring to the brown of summer. We hiked all over the farm and got smell citrus blossoms (the most heavenly scent in the world), see tadpoles in a pond, and even pick our own fresh strawberries--which we got to take home for free! After a picnic lunch in the shade we headed home, but had to stop at Target on the way for a few things. While we were there we impulsively bought an ice cream maker and supplies, then came home and made a gallon of homemade strawberry ice cream with our fresh, organic strawberries. We were tired and a little sunburnt by the end of the day, but it was so much fun that it was totally worth it.

On Saturday we had another outing as a family, this time to an organic farm. It ended up being a hotter day than I had expected and the sun really beat down us. The tour was also a bit long and fast-paced for the kids; they just wanted to play with the rocks and splash in the irrigation water. We all got hot, dirty, and sweaty walking around looking at stuff, and since the kids were going so slow we ended up at the back of the group and I didn't hear most of what the farmer said. After the farm we stopped off at Target, which is always an ordeal on a Saturday afternoon. Plus the kids were tired and cranky; S-Boogie asked for every thing she saw and whined when we didn't buy it. Costco is next to Target and so I ran in to try and buy whipping cream, but it turns out that they didn't have it, so we had to go to Target again. Then it took a long time to put the ice cream ingredients together, plus Mr. Fob had to run to the convenience store for ice, but we finally go the ice cream ready. And we've been learning during the past few days that four quarts is a lot of ice cream. Maybe we should have bought the smaller ice cream maker after all.


Th. said…

What? Less ice cream? Never!
Emma said…
I love it! Two ways to tell the same story!
Evelyn Theresa said…
Love it!! It's a great reminder that we need to be careful about the way we tell the stories of our lives to even ourselves.
Kristeee said…
Hehe - it's hard to pick between the smell of citrus blossoms and the smell of sweaty, dirty kids. Homemade ice cream is tasty, and well worth the hassle - but that's just my opinion. I have many fond memories of making and eating our own ice cream using our own berries during the summers as a kid. I'm not sure how often it really happened, but it's a bunch of happy memories all the same.
Tricia said…
Great posting...reminds me that we can choose what kind of life we are having - just through how we choose to perceive it.

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