Family History, I Am Doing It

I kind of liked that song better when it was "genealogy, I am doing it"...

The other day my mom sent me a link to an article about my great-uncle Kermit. He was my maternal grandmother's little brother, and died tragically after his pressure suit malfunctioned while he was on a training mission at Edwards Air Force Base. The article talks about how he had spent years focusing on his desire to be a pilot, and possibly astronaut. While I was reading the article S-Boogie came in and asked me what I was doing. I showed her the picture of him (it's in the PDF version of the article if you're interested) and talked about he was her ancestor and wanted to be astronaut just like she does. Of course she asked what happened to him, and I told her about the plane crash and that becoming an astronaut can sometimes be dangerous. She thought about it for a moment and then asked "what do you call those people who study the planets with telescopes on the ground?" I responded, "astronomers." She looked at me and said "I think maybe I'll just be an astronomer."


Th. said…

Smart kid.
bawb said…
Hah, that's awesome.
Tina said…
Wow. Good choice, S-boogie.
Ooo. . . I wanted to be an astronaut too. I live for danger. I totally think you should name your next baby "Kermit."
Melyngoch said…
I begged and begged for a telescope for my birthday for years and never got one. Also for a chemistry set. Also for an electric train. I did get the microscope, though, mostly because Fisher Price made a kid's version, which was actually beyond cool, because you could take it off the stand and look at the carpet through it, or your sister's face, without having to get your sister to put her face on a slide.

My point is, you should give her a telescope for her birthday.

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