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I have a few things I've been wanting to write posts about, but I haven't been able to get around to writing posts. So it's time to clear out the brain space and get it out there.

First of all, we've come to a decision about our life plan. Mr. Fob explains it in much more detail here, but the short version is that we've decided to move back to Utah this summer. A few weeks ago we confessed to each other that we've been harboring secret desires to live in that state, and we both feel pretty happy about this plan. We're looking forward to getting back close to family and I'm already praying that Mr. Fob can find a good job soon. I'm also considering applying to teach part-time this fall, but that might depend a bit on what else I've got going on my life. I can't believe that by the time we get there in June it will have been a year since we've seen most of you. Time is flying too fast.

Second, I actually feel relieved at the thought of moving again, probably because it's to someplace cheaper and familiar. I'm also working on letting go of the things I really dislike about Utah so I won't be one of those people who live there and constantly talk about how much they hate them. I have realized that there is no perfect place and we just have to choose one where the benefits outweigh the costs. And we definitely need to plan more vacations to California.

Third, it is my birthday in about two-and-a-half weeks. I've had some issues with my Amazon list and it's not currently up to date. Some people have asked what I would like for my birthday. I'm not sure; some things I want are intangible or out of my control, but if you want something concrete I offer this popcorn popper, this book, or a subscription to either Segullah or Irreantum. And I always appreciate cash, dark chocolate, gift cards for clothes (JC Penny, Eddie Bauer, Target), or donations in my name to worthy causes like Heifer. My birthday is on a Saturday this year and I'd wanted to go on a tour of a nearby chocolate factory, but just found out that they don't do tours anymore. Now I'm trying to decide if we should go through the trouble of getting a babysitter for the day and going out to do something together. Not sure what, though. I think I'm boring.


Th. said…

Bittersweet, it is, to us. But we'll be happy for you.
Desmama said…
I've been harboring secret desires for your family to move here to Utah. In fact, every time I go to the L**** library, I look to see if they have job openings (if it's possible to lure you to Cache Valley at all. It's a nice place!) I'll keep looking. :) I'm happy you're moving here and really, honestly looking forward to meeting you two and the kids. I'll follow any leads I have for you job-wise.
Emma said…
Good luck to you guys as you make that move. If we ever end up there I'll have to get over my dislikes as well. I love to visit, but never really wanted to live there. We'll have to catch up next time we are there!
Julie said…
Definitely get a date and go out for the day. Oh, and as I told Mr. Fob, you are commanded to move north of Utah county in order to be closer to us. =)
Kristeee said…
I understand harboring ill feelings towards living in Utah. I struggle sometimes - typically after visiting my dad out east, either in VA or PA. But our family (excepting my dad) is all here, so we are too - and I have to remind myself that it's a happy thing so I should be happy about it.

I'm glad that you guys will be able to come "home" and hopefully stay put for a while. I also think we should have a Wii party. :)
Seeker said…
Hurray!!! I can't wait to have you back in Utah.
Melyngoch said…
This works out very nicely for me, since I'm likely to be in Utah more often than I'll be in California. Nonetheless, I must point out that you've completely overlooked Indiana as a third option. OK, so there aren't really job opportunities here either, and you don't really have family here (though you have friends!) and it's kind of the middle of nowhere, and the climate is grey and nasty for one third of the year and humid and hazy for another third. But there's me! I'm a REALLY big upside.
skylark said…
Oh how sad. My mom got to do the Scharffen Berger tour, but it looks like I missed my chance, too. (I assume that's the one you mean.)

It's not quite gourmet chocolate, but the Jelly Belly factory tour is actually pretty cool, and it's just down the road in Fairfield. In case you're interested.
FoxyJ said…
Desmama--We actually found a job there, but the pay was terrible and we weren't sure wanted to be that far north. Sorry :( I would still love to stop in and see you some time.

Julie--We made arrangements today for a babysitter (thanks Th. and family)and we're going to San Francisco to ride bikes on the Golden Gate. I hope it's fun!

Skylark--We've done Jelly Belly a few times and I love it. My favorite part of the tour is clearance section at the gift shop!

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