Happy (Dos) de Mayo!

This was supposed a cool picture of me and Mr. Fob riding across the Golden Gate bridge on a tandem bike. Instead, it's a photo of me in front of the Asian Art museum. The museum was pretty interesting, but we couldn't take photos inside and so this is what you get. Unfortunately the cold and rain ruined our plans to do something slightly out of the ordinary, so we settled for Gyro King and an art museum. And of course the entertaining ride on BART under the bay.
It was good birthday and I want to thank everyone who wished me well, and especially our good friends the Thteed family for watching our kids for several hours so we could go gallivanting around like childless people. They even bought me a birthday cake as a surprise; of course S-Boogie had to choose the enormous chocolate one with "Happy Cinco de Mayo" written on it. I've never had a Cinco de Mayo cake before, but it went well with the massively meaty pizza to create a birthday dinner that none of us will forget.


KPackard said…
Happy Birthday Jessie! I'm glad you had fun and I hope you're enjoying your chocolate cake (hehe...). Too bad you missed the bike ride, but the museum sounds like it was very interesting. And your hubby's post cracked me up...I especially loved lesson number one :)
Th. said…

Chocolate and pork. What more could one ask for?
"Gallivanting around like childless people." Childless people DO gallivant, don't they?
Desmama said…
Happy birthday! I wish I had remembered it!

Whenever I think of just me and my husband going somewhere, I have visions of us running through the streets with our arms out, all gleeful-like. It's kind of a weird vision but I think somewhere deep down that's how I remember the freedom. ;)

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