Monday Musings

I had a good day today, and I think it went well because I got up and went to the gym for the first time in a few weeks. I only walked on the treadmill because I was feeling out of shape, but it was still a good way to start the day. It was a little weird because the counselors in my bishopric were at the gym working out this morning too. That's the funny thing with being in a student ward; last quarter I had a class with my home teacher.

This morning I had to go to the Verizon store to get a new battery for my phone. It was a surprisingly painless experience; I had worried that the salesperson would pressure me too much to upgrade, but he didn't at all. I do have to say that he has a job I would never want to have. There were five salespeople all sitting around this little store in a strip mall just waiting for someone to want to buy a phone. I think that would make me want to scream.

I also went to Walmart this morning. I almost never shop there anymore; partly for philosophical reasons and partly because everywhere we've lived for the past few years has been far away from it. But today the store was actually on my way home from other errands, and I've been trying to find a canning kettle and I thought they'd have one. When I first walked in I will admit that I was pretty excited. Their selection and prices were definitely better than my usual neighborhood store. But then I had the same problem I always do when I shop at Walmart: the thing I want or need is not on the shelf. They had canning kettles for a cheap price, but they were out of stock. And my cashier was surly and bagged everything in its own separate bag. Do they specifically train their cashiers to be grouchy and to use as many bags as possible? I can get better service (most of the time) at my local store, which is only five minutes away and not fifteen. To be fair, Target often is just as lousy as Walmart at keeping things in stock and keeping their store clean, but their cashiers usually aren't as surly either.

I also saw the missionaries at Walmart. They were buying a large box of frozen corn dogs and a big bag of generic Cocoa Puffs. I made a mental note to make sure they get plenty of fresh veggies when they come for dinner next week.

Tonight for dinner I thought it would be fun to make a "dipping dinner". We had bean dip with chips, apples with cream cheese dip, and snap peas with ranch. The kids were not impressed and just dipped their tortilla chips in their fruit dip. In theory we eat healthy nutritious food in this house; in practice, my kids live on cheese, crackers, chips, and ice cream (that was our family home evening treat).

I have a final paper to write and should finish a draft this week, and yet feel little motivation to get off the computer and do my homework. But I've promised myself that once I get a draft completed I can go buy some fruit and make some yummy jam (it's apricot and cherry season here). Now I just need to find a canning kettle.


Earth Sign Mama said…
Is there a hardware store in your town? I mean one like an Ace Hardware store? They would have canning kettles and probably a selection of them, too. Another option is Sears. A big Sears store sometimes has many supplies like that in their hardware department.

I have battled Target for nearly 30 years over failing to stock items that they advertise. I wrote a long complaint letter once, got a call from a manager at headquarters, told her all my gripes...nothing changed. They still stock only three or four of each sale item, then offer a "raincheck". I didn't want a raincheck--I wanted little girl's jelly shoes, or juice boxes or whatever. Walmart simply has a teeny little selection--that is my main complaint with them.
The "in practice" and "in theory" meal time is a lot like our house. I just keep thinking if you introduce enough stuff eventually they'll come around. I'm still waiting.
Th. said…

I lived on corndogs the last month of my mission.

Then I came home and nearly died.

Kengo Biddles said…
Ginta lives on cheese, "dillas" (be they tortillas or quesadillas), sometimes yogurt, but mostly just juice and milk.

Marko, on the other hand is truly our child, because he'll eat just about anything, but favors fresh fruit.

Sigh. We were probably that way too at one point, and we managed to survive, right?
agirlwho said…
You don't need a kettle for canning. It's easier to use the dishwasher! Just wash the jars on the hottest setting with no soap. Then fill them. :)
agirlwho said…
Well, depending on what you are going to can. If it isn't high acid. Sorry to be misleading.
FoxyJ said…

Could you elaborate a bit more on using the dishwasher? I usually use it to sterilize the jars and keep them hot while cooking the jam, but what about processing the jam once it's in the jars? I imagine it does get hot enough. Last year I just used a soup pot that I had, but it really wasn't deep enough and made me nervous.

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