Mr. Fob is Awesome

Friday night we stayed up really late having one final blow-out party with our good friends Theric and Lady Steed. We were both pretty wasted yesterday, Mr. Fob especially since he needs more sleep to function correctly. But he still deep cleaned the house yesterday, including the bathrooms, the windows, and all the floors. And he's been taking care of the arrangements for utilities for our new house and scavenging dumpsters for boxes to start packing. Plus today I got several complements on S-Boogie's cute hairstyle that I had to deflect back to him and his artistic skills.

The reason why we were up so late partying on Friday (not just our impending move) was the release of The Fob Bible, a collection of writings by members of Mr. Fob's writing group. I was impressed looking through the book at the variety of things in there and their quality. I've also been impressed by Mr. Fob's devotion to the craft of writing and the great friendships he's maintained along the way as leader of his group. If you want to find out more about the book,
see here. Or to buy it, go here.


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