Is it Thursday already?

The weeks are flying by; I just realized the other day that we only have about six more weeks until we go to Utah. In my mind I keep thinking of it as a vacation and not a move, especially since we don't have firm plans on where we're going to live or anything like that. I'm also not stressing myself to death over this move. I guess I've finally learned my lesson from the last few times. It also helps to be moving somewhere that we can actually afford to live and where we can pick out our new place and see it before committing ourselves to live there.

I had good intentions of getting back on track with a lot of things this week, but my groove got thrown off. S-Boogie has had an ear infection since Monday afternoon, and even though we started antibiotics for her she's still been in a lot of pain and waking up at night. At least we made it through most of the last year without any major illness for either child. I'm already crossing my fingers that they will stay healthy and safe until we can get health insurance figured out after our move.

I'm also feeling really lazy as far as school goes and it's taking a lot of effort to just to do my assignments and show up for class. But I've learned in the past not to burn too many bridges or throw away opportunities, so I'm trying my best because credits are forever and I might as well make my transcript look good. And because I've learned that it's better just to get over myself and do hard things instead of wasting my time wallowing around in self pity or wasting time on the internet.

So that's where I'm at this week. Once again I always have good intentions of writing a 'real' post and end up just throwing something at the internet in hopes it will find an audience. If anyone is interested, I learned the other day that the word for bat in Spanish--murcielago--comes from Latin for 'mouse' (mus) and 'blind' (ciego). In English, the word "tawdry" comes from St. Audry, who died by strangling to death with a necklace as punishment for her vanity. For some reason some decide to start selling necklaces known as "St. Audrey's laces" at country fares, and cheap jewelry ended up becoming "tawdry". I find this kind of stuff fascinating. Do you?


Amira said…
I love word origins too.
Lindsay said…
Yeah, word origins and histories are pretty awesome. I even bought a book of them once: The Oxford Dictionary of Word Histories. There's some pretty fascinating stuff in there.
Desmama said…
I thought I was kind of loopy for loving that kind of stuff too. Glad to know I have loopy friends.
Earth Sign Mama said…
I constantly flog my students with the origins of words. I point out Latin roots and I guide them to notice how this English word is like this Spanish word so they'll get a connection. Plus, it's just a fun thing to do.I need to get the Oxford Dictionary of Word Histories--talk about an awesome resource!!
skyeJ said…
i totally want that dictionary too. mmm. word origins. I'm also wondering how someone vain who choked to death as a result of her vanity was chosen to be sainted. Crazy old Catholics! :)
Kristeee said…
I love learning where things came from - like it raining cats and dogs and thatched roofs.

And good for you for not just blowing off the rest of the semester. I think I would have a hard time caring. :)

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