The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Today I finally broke down and bought a big bag of Halloween candy at Target. I'm probably going to have buy another one next week because I don't expect this one to last until next Saturday. Tonight I just realized that the advantage of having a baby in February means that I have free reign during the holidays to eat whatever I want. Awesome.


KPackard said…
Jessie! Congrats on buying the house--that's awesome and so exciting! I hope everything goes well and it's not too stressful.

I love your idea about teaching your kids about different countries--you're so creative.

Anyway, I miss you and hope you're pregnancy goes well! Enjoy the crisp fall weather for me--it's still way too hot here!
Desmama said…
That happens to me every year with Halloween candy. I've polished off more candy corn this year than I care to admit. It's so addicting.
Julie said…
I've been so good, the huge bag of candy I bought at Costco (good chocolate stuff) a couple of weeks ago is still unopened! =)

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