Letters E and F (and one week of I)

Egypt: We had a lot of fun with Egypt. The kids colored the flag and we used this page to make some paper pyramids. We also read a few informational books about the country as well as this picture book (which I highly recommend). For dinner we had koshari (I used a cookbook from the library, but this recipe is similar). The adults liked it better than the kids, but they were happy to eat the olives, hummus, and pita that we got to go with it.

El Salvador: We colored the flag, read some books, and ate pupusas for dinner. We all really liked the pupusas and I think I'll add them to our regular routine. This week S-Boogie and I had an interesting discussion about poverty, since the book we checked out about El Salvador didn't shy away from discussing the fact that many people are quite poor there. She noticed that their houses were much smaller and they had fewer things than we do.

Ethiopia: I was excited to talk about Ethiopia because I didn't know very much about it. We read a few informational books as well as two different picture books (both by Jane Kurtz). The kids really liked the food, probably because they got to eat with their fingers. I didn't make totally authentic food and I left most of the spice out of the chicken so they would actually eat it, but we had a fun meal with injera and doro wat.

Finland: We read about Finland (including this cute story), colored the flag, and ate pea soup for dinner. For a special treat we also made some traditional buns with whipped cream in them that are usually eaten around this time of year.

France: The library had a lot of fun books about France so we read quite a few different things for this week. For dinner we ate croque monsieur and salade nicoise. Then we watched Ratatouille and ate chocolate mousse for a treat.

Ireland: We decided to talk about Ireland on Saint Patrick's Day. I found a number of interesting books at the library; I especially recommend this one. We ate corned beef and cabbage for dinner with some soda bread. For our movie night we watched The Secret of Roan Inish; I thought it was a great movie but the kids were a little bored.


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