Ten for Today (and Yesterday)

I've seen this on a few other blogs and thought I'd copy; here are ten positive things from today (and I decided to include yesterday too).

-Yesterday afternoon S-Boogie had a friend come over to play, and they actually cleaned up the toys when they were done without any prompting from me.

-For dinner last night I tried a yummy new recipe for a breakfast casserole that we're going to make again on Sunday morning for the brunch after P.Bibby's blessing.

-Last night we went to the library for Family Home Evening; it's one of my favorite places to go as a family and it's so fun to see the kids get so excited for books. Little Dude surprised us by reading the title of a book--Farmer Duck--that he had never seen before. He is learning a lot of sight words and really interested in spelling lately.

-We had ice cream cones for a treat; I love ice cream and putting it on a cone is a great way to control portions!

-Mr. Fob and I checked out the movie Mean Girls and watched it last night. Normally I like more serious movies, but every now and then it's fun to get something silly and laugh my head off.

-P.Bibby wasn't very happy last night and it took a long time to get her settled. But, then she slept from midnight to five this morning, and then slept in for a while this morning.

-Today Mr. Fob's mom came over and watched Little Dude while we went on a little lunch date to the mall. We at Chik-fil-A, stopped by See's Candy, and bought a few new shirts for me at Eddie Bauer.

-My friend Cheryl stopped by this afternoon and we had a nice little visit. I love it when people come over so we can hang out and chat.

-The kids actually requested beans in their quesadillas for dinner and ate them right up.

-I really liked this post about Relief Society and it echoes many of the feelings I've had lately about the value of the physical (and repetitive) tasks I do every day in my home.


SeƱora H-B said…
Oh, I love Mean Girls! "That's why here hair's so big. It's full of secrets."

I loved reading this list.
NEC said…
Can you please pick a different pseudonym than P. Bibby? It's painful to read! :)
skyeJ said…
I like P. Bibby. It makes me picture Puff Daddy wearing a bib. hee hee!

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