Random Thoughts for Sunday

I know I haven't posted for a week, but I've spent much more time reading things than writing them lately. I have a baby who won't sleep anywhere except in someone's arms. Not in the swing, not in the bed. Nope. She has had a few good days, like yesterday she was really mellow and even took a two hour nap in her bed (yay!), but most days involve a lot of juggling the baby. Thankfully Mr. Fob can sometimes take her down to hang out with him in his office. We're both ready for her to get a little bigger and get better daytime sleep.

Yesterday afternoon I did escape for a while and did some shopping. I tried to buy some clothes at Savers and ended up buying another pair of maternity pants. According to the scale I have lost all the weight from the pregnancy. But, my tummy is still poochy and the area around my incision is fairly tender as well. I put on jeans the other day but after an hour started feeling sore and changed into sweat pants. My plan at Savers was to buy some jeans in a bigger size, but even those didn't seem to work. So I ended up with a pair of maternity jeans with the wide elastic waistband. They don't work when I'm pregnant but they're quite comfy now. Hopefully my body will get back to normal soon.

I also stopped by Target yesterday afternoon and ended up stealing some sandpaper. It was crowded and I was feeling stressed and hungry by the time I checked out, so a small package of sandpaper went completely unnoticed in my cart until I got to the parking lot. But it was late and snowing so I just came home. I'll have to go back and pay for it later this week.

I have had some post ideas in my head that have nothing to do with the baby or recovering from childbirth, but I just haven't written them up yet. Some day this blog will get back in balance, don't worry. I'm also trying to remember to take pictures and post them on the kids' blog but I'm not doing a great job at that either.

My final thought: I like March. It may be longer than February, but we have a lot of fun things going on. Tonight we're having key lime pie for Pi Day, this week we're celebrating Ireland and Saint Patrick's Day, in two weeks we have the baby blessing, and at the end of the month we have a dance recital for S-Boogie and a mission reunion for us. Then we start April with Easter, General Conference, and Spring Break. Things are looking up!


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