A Nice Weekend (with parentheses)

I hesitate to declare ourselves 'back to normal', because life is far from normal or routine around here. It won't be for a while and I'm generally all right with that. But, like the warmer weather that keeps popping up now and then, we've had a few nice days. Saturday and Sunday were quite good. Saturday morning Mr. Fob took the kids to run errands with him, and then after lunch we all went to the library together. We even took P. Bibby, wrapped up in her special wrap. By the time we were done I was feeling a bit sore (Mr. Fob was wearing the baby, but I still got sore from all the walking around), but it was still nice to get out of the house like a normal person. Saturday afternoon Mr. Fob worked in the garage on refinishing the crib while the kids played outside (and I sat on the couch inside reading and nursing). One of our neighbors noticed Mr. Fob sanding and brought over his power sander. It really made the job much easier and faster. That night we had some yummy enchiladas for dinner (another successful freezer meal) and watched a movie as a family. While we were watching the movie our bishop stopped by. We haven't really met him yet, but it turns out that he is also a neighbor on our street and a generally nice guy. He just wanted to see how we're doing and find out when we'll be doing the baby blessing (it will be at the end of the month--turns out it's not fast Sunday, but it will be an early Easter service so that will be nice). Sunday morning I went to church with the kids (we didn't make it to sacrament meeting, but we did get there in time for classes). In the afternoon Mr. Fob made cookies with the kids and then they took them over to people who had brought us dinner after I had the baby. Overall it was a nice, relaxing weekend that managed to be a bit productive as well. I really like living in a home in such a great community. We've only been here a few months but we've both felt very welcome here and appreciate having such great neighbors. The truth is, we've almost always been blessed to live in good communities, but now that we're planning on being in this spot for a long time I'm especially grateful to feel so welcome.


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