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Germany: We colored the flag and read some informational books as well as a collection of fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm. S-Boogie thinks we need to move to Germany because then she would only go to school part of the day and her dad would have paid vacation time each year. I don't think that sounds so bad. For dinner we had some bratwurst cooked with cabbage and apples, served with boiled potatoes. It was delicious.

Ghana: We colored the flag and read a few books about Ghana as well as several storybooks. The kids especially loved this one and we read it many times. For dinner I made jolof rice with shrimp (I sort of followed this recipe and didn't add other meats besides shrimp) and some avocado with peanut dressing. They were both pretty tasty. We also made some banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for a treat; not totally Ghanian, but they do eat a lot of bananas there.

Greece: We colored the flag and read a few books, including this adaptation of a myth. I've made Greek food several times before; for dinner we had chicken in pitas with cucumber sauce, rice pilaf, and salad (like from this post). I also tried making baklava for the first time; although it took time to make, it actually wasn't as complicated as I feared and turned out to be very tasty.

Guatemala: We colored the flag and read some books about the country, including this sweet story. For dinner I cooked some spicy beef in the crockpot (I mostly used this recipe, cooking all the sauce ingredients on the stove and blending them first--it was awesome). Then we listened to marimba music and made some corn tortillas together. The kids loved making tortillas, and even though I didn't think they turned out that well, it was the highlight of the week. They still keep asking to make tortillas. We also had a good discussion about poverty and other issues after looking at some of the books and talking about the size of people's homes and what they had to eat.

Haiti: This country gave us another opportunity to talk a bit about poverty; we read a few books about Haiti and colored the flag. I also got a few storybooks, including this one that I really liked. For dinner I made the beans and rice recipe from this page (without ham) and some pickled vegetables. I wasn't sure I'd like the pickles, but they were really tasty with the beans and rice--vinegary and spicy at the same time.


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