Monday, Monday

Life has actually been going along pretty smoothly here, so I guess it's inevitable that there will be a few bumps in the road. Both Mr. Fob and I agree that today was one of those really horrible days that pop up now and then. Hopefully it's not the beginning of a bad week. The stage was actually set last night when Mr. Fob ate two sloppy joes for dinner, as well as cake and ice cream and a lot of other things. He woke up with a very angry stomach this morning. I made the mistake of going to bed too late and didn't sleep well all night (plus there was a brief interlude at 2 AM to comfort a crying Little Dude). So I got up tired and grumpy and Mr. Fob got up feeling extremely ill.

Then we looked out the window and saw the massive snowstorm that had already covered our new garden in at least a half inch of snow. It didn't let up for almost two hours; I had to go knock the snow off our trees that were bending to the ground. We'll have to evaluate our tomato plants tomorrow to see if any survived. Then, as I was getting out of the shower at 9 our power went off. According to the nice guy at Utah Power it would be fixed sometime in the afternoon. So we hauled ourselves off to S-Boogie's school to attend her end-of-the-year program (my mother-in-law had spent the night in order to come with us). There was supposed to be a family picnic in the park afterwards, but the snow forced us to sit around the desks in the classroom to eat our lunch. Mr. Fob didn't want to eat anything, and Little Dude refused to eat his food in sympathy or something. He had also spent all of his sister's program whining about how much he didn't want to be there. And my camera battery died so I have no record of their cute singing performance. When we got home at noon the power still wasn't back on. I went out to take my mother-in-law home and felt bitter about the fact that many places were untouched by snow.

When I got home the power still was out (this was almost 2 o'clock), but then it switched on just in time for the arrival of friends. Sadly neither Mr. Fob nor I were in a very entertaining mood and I feel bad that their visit wasn't all that exciting. The kids were also feeling particularly obnoxious and clingy at that point as well. Thankfully in the evening the sun came out, the baby took a real nap in her crib, and I was able to make dinner. Little Dude was horrible during family home evening and we finally sent him to bed early. He came out to use the bathroom and flushed half a package of toddler wipes down our toilet and Mr. Fob and I decided that we were finished with him for the day. Little Dude didn't protest bed and fell asleep immediately so I think he was just having a hard day due to being over-tired and still a little sick from last week's ear infection.

Oh, and I checked my professional email (the one that isn't FoxyJ) for the first time in a few days and found a new freelance project waiting for me. It needs to be done by Wednesday and I just started it tonight. And of course one of the files that I need won't open. I think that's a sign that I should just go to bed and hope tomorrow is a better day.


skyeJ said…
Why snow? Why now? Is the Utah sky crazy??? I guess I'll have to have a talk with the Utah sky, seeing as I am the Oregon Sky(e). It won't be snowing here when you come, but it may rain off and on.

hee... my word verification is "supper"
Samantha said…
It was lovely to visit you--it always is. And I adore your kids even when you tell me they're misbehaving. As for entertainment--S-Boogie showed us her money and explained her investment ideas, Little Dude chased Tolkien Boy with a toenail, and the baby was sweet and cuddly. Who could ask for more?

And on top of that, we got to visit with both you and Mr. Fob. Thank you for letting us drop by. We enjoyed spending time with you.

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