A Very Happy Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday, and I discovered that the nice thing about a Sunday birthday is that you can spend Saturday celebrating too. The only not-so-nice thing is that staying out late on Saturday makes morning church painful. It was still a lovely weekend and now I just have to get used to the fact that I am thirty-two years old. Where does the time go? By the way, my first official date with Mr. Fob was on my birthday nine years ago. He brought me flowers and a book, and took me out to lunch. Nine years? Where does the time go?

On Saturday we had hopes of sleeping in, but our lovely children decided to get up around 7:00. We let them watch TV for a bit while we ignored them. Then we all had breakfast together and spent some time cleaning the house. After that I decided to go get my hair cut since it had been a few months. As I was preparing to leave, our mail carrier stopped by with a package from my mom that included some birthday funds, so I took that with me to the mall and stopped at a few places besides the hair salon. Then I got to spend the afternoon alone in the house with the baby while Mr. Fob took the kids out to run errands and pick up his mom so she could watch the kids that evening. We took the baby with us to go up to Bountiful to visit some friends and play games together. I got to open my present from Mr. Fob: Settlers of Catan. That was exciting because we love the game and I've been wanting to get it for a while. On the way to our friends' house we also stopped for dinner at Zupas. And no, even though it was my birthday present I didn't win the game. Maybe next time.

Yesterday, my actual birthday, was more low-key. We dragged ourselves out of bed and got the kids ready for church. My mother-in-law had spent the night and she came with me. Even with the extra help, church yesterday was not one of our better experiences. The baby was cranky and not very sleepy and Little Dude was really acting up in sacrament meeting. After we came home I took a nap and then we just hung out in the afternoon while Mr. Fob cooked up a feast for dinner. He made twice-baked potatoes, salmon, and rolls. One of his sisters came by in the early afternoon and then his other one came a little later, so we got to spend several hours just hanging out and enjoying some family time. The kids loved having cousins to play with and the baby got lots of time being held by her fan club. I got several fun kitchen items from my wish list as well as some candy (and yes, I did get some new underwear too). The only thing I would have liked this year would have been the rest of my family at the party. Oh, and some warm, sunny weather would have been nice too. Snow in May was not on my wish list.


SeƱora H-B said…
I love Settlers of Catan, but I always lose--even to new players. Grrrr! My sister-in-law is the worst, though, because she's really good at it and she's a poor loser AND winner.

Happy birthday!
Julie P said…
Happy Birthday!
Samantha said…
It sounds wonderful. I'm so glad you had a fun birthday weekend.
Tina said…
Happy Birthday! (a day late) Glad it was a good one.

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