Ten for Today (and yesterday)

--Mother's Day was very nice yesterday. We kept things simple since we had just celebrated my birthday the week before. Mr. Fob bought me a lovely potted plant (I'm trying to make our house more green; hopefully I won't kill it) The kids sang in church and brought me notes from Primary. Little Dude drew a picture of his favorite thing that we do together: unloading the dishwasher. When asked to describe me, S-Boogie said that my best friend is Mr. Fob and that my favorite place to be is home. The baby contributed to the day by taking a two-hour nap in the afternoon and by not screaming at bedtime.

--Baby P seems to be settling into a decent daytime routine and often takes a fairly lengthy morning nap as well as an afternoon one. Last week she had a bit of a cold and was grouchy, but during the last few days she seems to be feeling better. I've also noticed that she is starting to actually play with the toys on her little baby gym.

--I've been making bread for us during the last few weeks and it's been nice to have home-made bread on hand. Another blog I read suggested cutting the entire loaf up with an electric knife and storing it in the freezer. I don't know why I hadn't thought of that before. The electric knife is fast and cuts thin slices, and having it all cut at once is so much more convenient. Today I made whole-wheat bread and the kids were so excited to eat it with dinner.

--I've also discovered that if I start whatever parts of dinner I can earlier in the day while the baby is napping, the evening rush is not so hectic. Mr. Fob doesn't end work until 6 and we like to get the kids to bed by 7:30, so dinner and bedtime are usually kind of crazy.

--The kids love playing outside in the backyard almost every day and I love watching them having a great time with mud, rocks, and sticks.

--My visiting teacher has two girls, one that is a year older than S-Boogie and one a year younger; they invited her over for a playdate today and had a great time together. I'm so glad that she is making some good friends in our neighborhood. Now I just need to get more playdates for Little Dude.

--We played Go Fish as part of our Family Home Evening tonight with our set of Hawaiian fish cards. Little Dude sounded out most of the names of the fish on the cards--he is definitely a reader now!

--For our treat I made some panna cotta with blackberry sauce. I had some buttermilk and blackberries in the fridge and it seemed like the perfect recipe. It was easy to make and the kids loved it. Glad to have another healthy treat in my repertoire.

--Today I got an email with the instructions for my first work project. I signed on to do some contract work for the company Mr. Fob works for. It won't be very regular hours or anything, but the projects look interesting and I should be able to work them into my schedule and earn a little cash while keeping my brain in shape.

--This week should be the last cold weather of the season and I am so anxious to move on to warmer weather. I hate the hot part of the summer, but I'm looking forward to warm, sunny days for the next few weeks.


sounds like you're Mrs. Accomplishment. how do you get your kids to bed by 7:30? I'm so jealous of people that have that schedule, mine doesn't got to be till 10 usually.
skyeJ said…
whips and shackles. That's what it takes.

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