Detours and Delays

I apologize, again, for the delay in posting last month's 'reading roundup'; it seems to be getting harder and harder to get those posts up on time. I need to stop waiting until the end of the month to review all the books because then I tend to lose my enthusiasm for it.

I don't know if it will happen this week because we're on vacation. Yesterday we drove to Las Vegas and are spending a few days with my parents. Usually the drive to Vegas is fairly quick and we don't like to stop much. This time we decided to take our time and stop more often to enjoy the scenery. I'm still deciding if I like this approach or not. First we had to stop in Fillmore to feed the baby and eat some potato logs. Then we spent a while at Cove Fort for their annual 'Cove Fort Days'. It was a lot of fun; the kids loved the demonstrations of pioneer crafts and the baby got a nice long nap in the front pack. We went for a ride on a covered wagon pulled by mules and ate free hot dogs (not authentic, but still tasty).

After Cove Fort we decided to stop at Saint George to get some ice cream cones with some coupons the kids had for Sonic. As we pulled into town it started raining heavily; then when we got to Sonic we discovered that it had gone out of business. So we backtracked to McDonalds and got our ice cream there. I had a bit of an adventure driving around town in the heavy rain; the kids were fascinated by the overflowing gutters. Then when we were in Nevada we took a nice long detour to go to my parents' house the back way. We got off the freeway to get gas, and after we got off a sign told us that it was actually five miles away in Logandale. After driving down to Logandale we realized that we were in a part of the state we've never seen before and ought to take advantage. We drove on a little highway around past Lake Mead. It was a very lonely road, peppered with ominous signs like "Flash Flood Area". The desert scenery was beautiful and after a while the kids resigned themselves to the fact that there would be a delay in the trip. I'm not sure I'd do it again, but it was a fun little side trip to the desert.

And so we have embarked on our big vacation; so far we are all surviving. Today I'm feeling pretty exhausted because the kids refused to calm down and sleep until late last night, and then this morning S-Boogie decided to wake up at 5:30 (5:30!). Hopefully swimming in the pool will wear them out enough to sleep better tonight. At least we have a few days before we have to get back into the car again.


Desmama said…
I'm sure the swimming pool will wear them out really well--it usually does to my kids, and we've got swim lessons four days this week--yay!

It sounds like a fun trip. I like that you take little detours and look around. Sometimes those end up being unexpected but real treats/highlights.

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