It's like camping with a baby

I've heard enough horror stories about camping with small children to be wary of driving a six-month-old clear to California just to go camping. I think the dire warnings helped me prepare my mind for the worst, and then when it didn't happen I managed to have a good time. I could tell the baby was not very happy while we were there; she became very clingy and cried a lot when anyone else held her. I think this was a combination of not being on her regular schedule, being outside in the sun and wind a lot, and being with a lot of people she's never seen before. When we got back to my parents' house in Las Vegas last night she became happy and smiling and even went right to sleep in her own bed. While we were camping she ended up sleeping with us, but still slept all night. That was partly due to the fact that the weather was unseasonably cold. I am so, so grateful that we brought the Ergo carrier because she spent most of her time snuggled up in it hiding from everyone.

As for the rest of us, we had a great time. The weather was a bit cold and windy and we didn't swim much in the ocean. Playing in the sand was still a big hit, and this year the kids discovered the joy of burying people in the sand. We also did some hiking, drove around to see the sights, played in the tepee that my parents have, and went to a naval museum. I loved the fact that all my siblings came this year, and my only regret is the fact that we forgot to bring Settlers of Catan with us. That's something to look forward to next year!


Sounds great. Crater Lake this week for us--with the youngest being three, camping is finally fun!

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