One of those Days

I've been a wee bit stressed this week since we are leaving for our big vacation on Saturday morning. To add to the excitement, tomorrow is S-Boogie's birthday and we're having a party. I've tried to keep things simple, but she is friends with everyone in the world and so even paring down the guest list resulted in having twelve kids on their way to my house tomorrow afternoon. I had planned a simple party with slip-n-slide, some water games, snacks, and cupcakes. But today has been blustery and stormy and I'm so freaked out that tomorrow will be the same. I don't really have a backup plan. Maybe we'll just let the kids play in the rain in their swimsuits.

And of course the best thing to do when you're stressed is to run a bunch of errands. Between yesterday and today I've been to five different stores gathering stuff for the party and for camping. Thankfully I've found a lot of good deals and it has been rather cheap. Then to top it off I spent the afternoon baking and frosting four dozen cupcakes. Because I'm a masochist. I was going to do that after the kids were in bed, but I relented to their offers of help and I'm glad that was out of the way by nightfall.

Bedtime was the usual fiasco; lately Little Dude is like a jack-in-the-box, popping out of bed a billion times an hour before finally succumbing to sleep. S-Boogie was in and out of her room tonight too, probably due to the excitement of her birthday tomorrow. I wasn't surprised when the baby started crying about half an hour after I put her to bed. Sometimes she puts herself to sleep and other times she needs more help. I got her up and sat down on the couch with her and my book. After a minute or two I looked down and realized that her mouth and hands were all blue. I raced back to the girls' room and turned on the light to discover that for some reason S-Boogie decided to share her plastic cow with the baby. A plastic cow that had been covered in blue marker but was now a pristine white. The crib sheet was covered in blue drool too. After a very stern lecture to S-Boogie reminding her not to put toys in the crib, I gave the baby a lengthy bath and got most of the blue off with a good deal of soap and soaking. Thankfully she went to bed after a little snack.

Hopefully tomorrow will not be this kind of exciting, but I still hear thunder so I have my doubts.


Earth Sign Mama said…
I'm turning blue too---from laughter!!! I know, I know--that is the luxury of being Grandma. But that was hysterical---sorry. Just hysterical...
Kristeee said…
That's funny about the cow.

Jack-in-the-box is a good description for what Kate does for nap- and bedtime, too. Drives me completely batty. Her record for staying up after bedtime is 2 hours. We put a lock on her door (that locks from the outside) but still have issues. What's your line of defense to keep them in bed?

I hope the party goes well. As of right now it's sunny. Who knew that, after weeks and weeks of hot and sunny weather, we'd have a nice break of rain and cooler (and muggy)?

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