I think my life just exploded

Remember how I had an interview for a position as an adjunct instructor? Last weekend when we got back to my parents' house I checked my email and discovered that they wanted to offer me a job. I am teaching two writing classes beginning next Wednesday. The good news is that my schedule is pretty sweet: 8 and 9 in the morning on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Early mornings are standard around here and I like the fact that I can get up, get ready, go to work, and be back before the baby is done with her morning nap. Little Dude has preschool during the afternoons on those days so I should be able to get some lesson preparation and grading done during that time.

I attended orientation the other day and now my head is spinning trying to keep track of everything I need to teach writing. Turns out that teaching Spanish was a lot less complicated. Or maybe that's just because I had an entire semester-length class to learn about it and this time I'm just jumping right in. I've received some sample syllabi, but reading through them all just seems to confuse me even more. At least I have a book and a list of required assignments to help me out. Unfortunately the process is feeling pretty overwhelming and I have not even begun to write my syllabus (and now I'm blogging instead). Add that to the fact that S-Boogie is starting school and dance classes, Little Dude has preschool, and I have things like book group and Relief Society activities. Suddenly the extra paycheck and the 'me' time aren't looking so hot after all. I'm sure it will be fine once things get going and I realize it's not so hard.


Amira said…
Congratulations and good luck!
Julie said…
Congrats! I'm sure you'll be great, good luck.
Samantha said…
Allow yourself three weeks to be tired and possibly cranky. Then you'll adjust and it will feel busy but doable.

Desmama said…
That's great! I'm glad you've got some classes and they're at good times for you. I'm sensing the impending schedule-busy-ness of the school year coming upon me, but I'm slightly glad because I think I'm more productive that way. We'll see if that actually plays out in reality. ;)

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