The Letter M

Yes, we've still been plugging away at our countries project. It's been a bit more difficult as our schedules have gotten busier, but the kids love talking about different countries and I think they're learning stuff. We ended up skipping the letter L entirely; sorry Laos, Luxembourg, Latvia, and Lithuania!

Mexico: We actually already know quite a lot about Mexico, but it was fun for the kids to learn even more. We read several books, including this one, this one, and this one. For dinner I made frijoles (in the crockpot) that we ate with fresh salsa, queso fresco, and corn tortillas that the kids helped me make. I also made some flan for a treat and we ended up watching the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua since it mostly takes place in Mexico. Not that anything in the movie is remotely accurate as far as Mexico goes, but the kids thought it was great.

Mongolia: The library only had one picture book about Mongolia, but at least it was a good one and S-Boogie wanted me to read it to her every day for a week. I made some steamed dumplings that were pretty tasty and we watched a movie from Mongolia. For some reason the English language track wasn't working and I was worried that the kids would be bored, but there actually wasn't much dialogue and it was simple enough that they watched the whole movie and really liked it.

Morocco: We read a few informational books and also found some nice picture books as well. I really loved the illustrations in this one and thought this one was great too. My sister lived in Morocco so she cooked us some food while we were camping with my family. She made some really yummy couscous similar to this recipe and then we followed our meal with fruit and mint tea. The kids especially liked the fact that she taught them how to bless the food in Arabic in the traditional Moroccan way.


Th. said…

I've given up on ever being put-together enough to replicate this. I still think it's brilliant though.
I love your countries idea. When I have kids I hope to take them to many countries, but if that's not possible, then I'll probably do something like this.

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