Weekends are Great!

Thanks for all the support on my whiny rant the other day. Teaching and everything else this new school year has really knocked my ego down a bit lately. After spending some time thinking about things I have come to be reminded (again) that it is good and necessary for our lives to get shaken up every so often in order to help us grow. I'd much rather have my current stresses than some of the ones I have experienced in the past. Nothing going on right now is really too unmanageable. It's just that the solutions tend to be things I dislike: prioritizing, cutting back on extra things, going to bed on-time, and focusing on the 'best' rather than the 'good' or 'better'. I hope that I can use this experience to polish off some of my rough edges.

I've been avoiding posting for a few days in order to get in a better mood. Thursday wasn't any better than Wednesday was. I still felt awful from my cold and spent most of the busy day with a sinus headache. On Friday things finally cleared up, and I celebrated the oncoming weekend by ignoring all my responsibilities that afternoon while reading Mockingjay (it was very, very good). The kids were crabby on Friday afternoon and I was tempted to just give up and let them watch a show. Instead, S-Boogie called a friend for a playdate and was able to be distracted for a few hours. We had a nice dinner together and got the kids off to bed at a pretty decent hour.

On Saturday we had a nice family day together. S-Boogie decided that she wanted her own room after all, so we spent most of the day getting things set up to move her down to our former guest room in the basement. We drove around to some yard sales and thrift stores hoping to find her a desk and a different bed (we want one with a trundle). We did not find either, but we did manage to find her some soccer shoes and a coat for Little Dude at excellent prices. Then we went to S-Boogie's soccer game and watched her team obliterate another team. They did a great job this week really listening to their coach and playing as a team. S-Boogie still seems a little more inexperienced and hesitant than the other girls, but she did make some good plays this time. We bought the kids Happy Meals on the way home because McDonalds was giving out Batman toys. Saturday afternoon we spent time rearranging rooms and doing some other cleaning, plus we played a round of Life, which we picked up for two bucks at D.I. Then we had some yummy French toast for dinner.

Today was a nice end to the weekend. This morning was a regional broadcast for stake conference. I had been somewhat dreading taking the two older children (the baby stayed home to nap), but it ended up being a rather pleasant experience. They had some new puzzle magazines to look at and spent most of the time sitting quietly in their seats with their magazines. In an ideal world I would have loved for them to actually listen to the messages more, but at least we came and were reverent. I got a lot out of the talks at the meeting and felt glad that I ignored my earlier temptation to just skip it. This afternoon we had some family members come over; one just to stop by to drop some stuff off for us, and then a little later we invited Mr. Fob's sister and our niece to come for dinner. It was great to visit with my sister-in-law and the kids had a fun time playing with their cousin. Next week is going to be crazy again, but hopefully I won't get sick and I will be able to stay a little more sane.


skyeJ said…
Hee hee.. I don't think I EVER got anything out of stake/general conferences until I was at least 16 or so. I think if the kids were at least quiet and calm, that is the only thing worth caring about.

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