Random Thoughts on Life this Week

I think we're down to weekly updates on this blog; I keep meaning to write more frequently but it just isn't happening right now. I'm still working on prioritizing my time well and getting enough sleep. Generally things are still going along pretty well here. This week was busy with some visiting teaching, soccer practice and games, a Relief Society meeting where I taught a class, and a quick trip for the baby to the doctor to get her ears checked for infection. She did have an infection (and lots of wax) in both ears, but the antibiotic seems to be clearing things up. We checked her weight while we were there at the doctor and she is now over 14 pounds--a good sign that extra calories are helping her grow. As of this week she is officially weaned and I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about it. I know my body made the decision for me, more or less, but it seems a little sad nonetheless.

Yesterday I spent the morning at a conference for adjunct instructors and I came away with a lot more confidence in my ability to teach as well as some great ideas for planning my courses. I almost didn't go to the general Relief Society meeting last night since I had been gone for much of the day, but I'm glad I did because I really felt enriched and uplifted by the talks.

Today was not a good start to this next week because both of the children have been vomiting at various times throughout the day. It has been weird, because they will throw up and then feel fine for a while. Then they will eat some thing and either throw up immediately or wait a few hours before throwing up. Not the usual pattern for how we experience stomach flu. We finally sent them to bed early with towels over their pillows and big bowls for late-night emergencies. I'm not planning on have either one go to school tomorrow, which makes me feel a little stressed about the day. I also really hate vomit; even baby spit-up can make me gag at the wrong time. Mr. Fob has been awesome about handling much of the vomit duty today. I just hope it goes away quickly.

I hate to end on such a negative note. Up until today, this week has been a lot of fun and things have gone well. We got a new washing machine a few weeks ago and it has been fabulous with all the yucky laundry we've had for the last few days. It is a high-efficiency top-loader that doesn't have the agitator in the middle. It works really well and can hold an entire comforter (very handy for late-night messes). I also recently received a free 'dryer bar' to try out and I really like it. You just stick it in your dryer and it works for a few months to keep the clothes soft and smelling nice. I love not having to remember to put in the dryer sheets.


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