National Poetry Month: Day 21

I spent most of the day at the annual AML meeting and had a great time listening to people talk about literature. During the afternoon I spent several hours at a poetry reading from poets featured in the anthology Fire in the Pasture. I loved meeting the poets and I love listening to people read poetry. It was delightful. I enjoyed all the poetry today, but thought I'd share this one with you:

Kinetic Sculpture
by Elaine M. Craig

Perhaps my first experience
with kinetic sculpture
as at a recital
(violin and piano)
when marcato or accented notes
broke, from the violinist's bow,
several strands of horsehair
in the middle or near the frog
and the passage went on so furiously
that she must ignore them and let them dance wildly,
caught bright in the light,
whipping a sinuous halo
around instrument and player,
jouncing and squiggling--
not quite in time with the music, just behind--
until there was enough of a moment
in the music to stop,
hold the instrument with chin only,
feel to the end and then the tip of the bow
to snap the loose hairs off and let them fall,
before beginning again to play.


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