National Poetry Month, Day 29

Last night I shut my computer at 10 in order to get some much-needed sleep. Then I realized that I had not yet posted a poem. Oh well. Yesterday was a full day and I think it helped. I went to the library in the morning to teach a computer class. I felt kind of grouchy about it, but after spending an hour showing 5 people how to create a basic budget with Excel, I felt better. They thought it was amazing; formulas are magic. Then I went to the temple, took Little Dude to his soccer game and out for frozen yogurt, and brought everyone home for dinner and Finding Nemo before bed. I actually didn't like that movie the first time I watched it, but it's growing on me. I just need to keep swimming; at least I'm at the top of the food chain and not the bottom. Here's a funny poem from Fire in the Pasture that's sort of Sunday-appropriate.

The Short Books
by Danny Nelson

Now, Micah lives near Nahum
in the Bible's closing pages.
Micah is an optimist,
while Nahum speaks in rages.

Micah sometimes wishes
he lived near Lamentation.
It even could be better if
he moved to Revelation.

Habakkuk and Haggai
and Zephaniah, too,
have said that if he leaves them
they're going with him too.

So if someday you find the books
are all in disarray,
open up to Nahum;
Read the things he'll say.
He'll roil with ringing rhetoric,
he'll every point belabor.
And I think that I'm with Micah:

He'd make a very lousy neighbor.


Julie said…
I love Nemo, in fact on your last post when you talked about your recent mantra I immediately thought of a common mantra I sing to myself, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swwiiim, swwiiim."

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