National Poetry Month: Day 30

Suddenly, it's the end of the month. It feels like April went by in a flash, yet when  I try to remember the beginning of the month it seems like light years away. Today was my penultimate day of work; they threw a little party for me and gave me a lovely card and parting gift. I wasn't expecting any of that. Tomorrow night I'm flying to Oregon to spend some time with my sister for my birthday. We're going to eat lots of yummy food and stare at the ocean. Should be fun. This morning I hired a babysitter who can start next week; I felt like I didn't really know what I was doing in my little 'interview', but she seems like she'll do a good job. I think May is going to be a good month. One last poem, in Spanish because I don't feel like I've done enough of these:
by Gabriela Mistral

El mar sus millares de olas
mece, divino.
Oyendo a los mares amantes,
mezo a mi niño.
El viento errabundo en la noche
mece los trigos.
Oyendo a los vientos amantes,
mezo a mi niño.
Dios Padre sus miles de mundos
mece sin ruido.
Sintiendo su mano en la sombra
mezo a mi niño.

The sea its thousand of waves
rocks, divine.
Hearing the loving seas,
I rock my child.

The wandering wind of the night
rock the ears of wheat.
Hearing the loving winds,
I rock my child.

God the Father his thousands of worlds
rocks without a noise.
Feeling His hand in the shadows
I rock my child.


MB said…
Did you translate this? You did a great nuanced interpretation if that is the case!
MB said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
FoxyJ said…
I didn't translate it. I should have put a link for proper attribution :)

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