Easy Rider

When I was a kid, we used to go outside and wait for my dad to come home from work. He usually rode his Harley, so you could hear him coming for several minutes before he actually got home. Then we would jump up and down and shout while he pulled into the driveway. Sometimes he would give us rides on the bike, putting us in front of him with our feet up on the gas tank. We would go around the block like that, and it was always thrilling to get to ride with Dad on his motorcycle. I don't remember riding much after turning 6 or 7, probably because I got to big to sit in front like that.

The other week while my parents were here, my mom noted that when they get their stuff out to Vegas, S-Boogie will be able to go for a motorcycle ride with Grandpa. (S-Boogie loves motorcycles and gets very excited whenever one goes by.) At the time I just said something like, "great", but now I'm a little freaked out. I totally trust my dad--he has decades of riding experience and he is used to taking kids for rides. But this is my two year old we're talking about, and I sometimes still get a little nervous about dropping her off with a babysitter. And I really don't know what Master Fob thinks about the idea, since he's not the biggest motorcycle fan. I guess what we really ought to do is ask S-Boogie, but I'm pretty sure I know what she'll think about the idea.


Tolkien Boy said…
Woo hoo!

My very first motorcycle ride was when I was seventeen. It was with a guy in the ward. There was no place to hang on but to him.

It was awkward.
Th. said…

I once ran a bike into a barbed wire fence. Don't let Sophie do that.

Or your dad, for that matter.

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