When I was much younger, I remember reading a few books about the internment of the Japanese in California during WWII. In one of the books the author described how they were first rounded up and placed in the stables of a nearby race track for a few months, where each family was assigned a stall as their home. For some reason, the description of these sort of living arrangements, where an entire community is transported into a much smaller, camp-like setting, fascinated me. I used to wonder about what would happen if some kind of natural disaster occurred and everyone had to move into my school or to my church. Each family would just camp out in a room and then we'd all eat together in the gym and sit around talking peacefully at night. It's kind of weird that the idea attracted me so much, but I was a fairly little kid and prone to weird daydreaming.

I have decided now that that is a scenario that I never, ever want to have to live out. I've been watching the news a little too much today and I just can't watch anymore. It's too horrific and I hurt because I can't do very much to help besides pray. I also keep remembering the National Geographic article about the Gulf a few months ago--they had a picture of a man standing in New Orleans with a pole demonstrating how high the water would be if the levee were to break. Hmm...

I also have been thinking a lot about some of the prophecies and things about the end of the world, and how things would just descend into chaos and stuff. I used to think that stuff like that seemed a little far-fetched, to be honest. Well, now that I see what can happen with just one hurricane in the right spot, I am beginning to believe. What if there was a major earthquake somewhere tomorrow? Or another terrorist attack? Or another hurricane? Suddenly a descent into utter chaos and the breaking down of the government doesn't seem all that far fetched.


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