A load off

We had the sacrament meeting program today and it went really well. Even when I wasn't serving in Primary I always enjoyed the nice little break from regular talks. Today was a little weird since I was sitting by the stand helping with the kids, so I got to spend the entire program with my back to the congregation. The kids sang loudly, they all did their parts well, and there were very few distracting hijinks from any of them. We even managed to fill most of the time we needed to and didn't come up short. Now I just hope we never have to sing any of those songs again!


Savvymom said…
If one night your child wakes up bald it's because I stole her hair and tried to attach it to Savvy's head. I am SO jelous of your kid's hair. Lucky sucker!
FoxyJ said…
She was completely bald until about a year. Then it kind of started to grow, and a few months ago she finally started looking like a normal human instead of an alien. Don't worry, there is still hope..

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