Kicking against the pricks

I hereby repent of my barefoot ways; yesterday I ventured outside without shoes and I am now paying the price for it. We were at my brother-in-law's house yesterday for a barbecue. Most of us were inside, but S-Boogie and our niece wanted to play in the backyard. At least we made them put on shoes before they went. I was watching through the glass door when I noticed S-Boogie eyeing the neighbor's yard (it's a newish subdivision and BIL doesn't have a fence up yet). I stepped out to try and get her to come back, when she took off running over into the next yard. Following my mother instinct, I ran after her, forgetting that I wasn't wearing shoes. Suddenly I found myself in terrible pain--the neighbor's yard was covered with mats of prickly weeds and my feet were full of little thorns. I grabbed S-Boogie and managed to get back to the grass, where I immediately sat down and started pulling all the thorns out. Now my feet are full of little holes and they hurt like heck. According to several websites I found, this weed is called "puncture vine", is very invasive, and has been known to flatten bicycle tires and harm pets and small children (well and apparently big children, too). I guess next time I will take a second to grab my shoes.


Cricket said…
YEEEEOUCH!!!!! I got goosebumps to think of it!

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