Strong enough for a woman

I went to the gym today. The plan is to go every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during my two hour break between classes (well, I don't have a second class on Friday, but I still have gym time). In the past I have tried working out, but I've never been consistent enough with it to really see any results, and my exercise programs usually end up fizzling out after a little while. But this time I'm not going to let it slide.

Today, however I discovered a few important things:

1. Always bring a book. Riding the stationary bike is just torture without a book to hide the stupid little clock that tells you that, yes, it really has been only three minutes.

2. I really need to either bring something else to wear under my gym clothes or else stuff to shower with. Today I had neither, and as I was changing back into my clothes I realized that my underwear was really sweaty. So I just had to go to my next class hoping that no one would notice that I smelled like a locker room. Luckily my teacher had a stuffed up nose. I hope everyone else in class did too.

3. I think stairmaster machines are really stupid and I feel totally ridiculous using one.

So, the next time any of you see me in person, be sure to ask me how the gym thing is going. I'm really determined to make this work and guilt is a powerful motivator for me.


Savvymom said…
Have you ever taken any of the intermural aerobics classes BYU offers in the evenings and mornings? I really enjoyed them and they are relatively cheap and only last a semester. I've taken power yoga and a couple different aerobics classes.
Good luck working out!
FoxyJ said…
I used to do the intermural water aerobics classes and I really liked them, but the evenings don't work very well for my schedule right now. I tried power yoga once and I just can't do yoga for an hour at a time!
Cricket said…
So do you want gentle reminders, or out-right badgering?

I can do either quite skillfully...

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