Kid on a leash

My parents were both in town for the weekend, so we went to the zoo today. I decided to try using S-Boogie's harness, since she doesn't like her stroller much lately and it's hard to see the animals when she's sitting in it. If we take her somewhere without having her strapped in the stroller or into a shopping cart, we tend to have the same conversation about fifty bazillion times: "You can either walk and hold my hand or I will carry you." Which means that she either: (1) holds my hand but lets her legs go limp until I let go because I worry that I pull her arm out of the socket, (2) lets me pick her up but then contorts herself like a rabid octopus, or (3) runs away giggling maniacally. Hence, the leash. When I got it out of the bag and put it on her, I immediately felt very self conscious because I know some people who saw us were probably thinking I was crazy. But, it was actually a very nice set up for both of us. She could run all over the place, and I just followed closely, but I didn't have to be constantly trying to direct her or sprinting after her or anything. After a while I felt more relaxed than I usually do and we had a great time. Now I just need to get her to bark when we use it.


I remember when we were the people looking critically at those crazy parents who put their kids on leashes...
Th. said…

If wishes were fishes, I'ld have about a zillion on leashes.

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