16 Weeks

I haven't said much about my pregnancy on this blog, especially compared to the last time. That's mostly because there hasn't been a lot to complain about. I spent the first trimester feeling yucky; I didn't have a lot of the more traditional nausea, just severe indigestion and heartburn. It felt like food was just sitting there instead of doing anything after I ate it. I have had phases of nausea as well, especially the kind where everything smells terrible and makes me gag. But I am mostly feeling better right now and hope things start looking up from now on. Thankfully I haven't had too many of my other digestive issues; I think that's because we've transitioned to a mostly vegetarian diet and I am proactive about eating a lot of fiber. I will also confess that I've hardly ever taken my vitamins because the extra iron makes me feel terrible, but I know I'm going to need it even more from this point on so I'm trying to figure out how to work with that.

I also have not been very excited about being pregnant up to this point. This baby was planned, but then things got crazy with moving and trying to figure out insurance, and we both realized that it's been a while since we had a baby and it's hard to go back. Plus I usually don't let myself get very excited during the first trimester in case something happens. Weird, I know. The truth is that now I'm starting to get excited and I think Mr. Fob is too. We're both looking forward to the ultrasound in a few weeks and I hope we can not only find out what gender we're having but also if things are looking good with the placenta. I'm also glad that I'm not in school or working right now because mentally I'm feeling good so far. Hopefully everything keeps going along well for the next 24 weeks.


Julie said…
I've heard of people taking their vitamin right before they go to bed so that it doesn't make them sick. Also known people to take vitamins without the iron and then get the iron in the food they eat.
Sarah said…
glad you're feeling all right! I had to take iron...it seems I took it right before bed and I can't remember if it was better with food in my stomach or without but one way was better. It also seems that orange juice helped. Good luck! I do remember it making a difference in my energy level (I think...it's been awhile, I only really had to take it daily with Mary's pregnancy)
Desmama said…
My second OB told me I could take a prenatal pill every other day since, yeah, that iron can do a number on you.
Stefany said…
Best of luck on your appointment and the rest of your pregnancy.

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