It really is the dog days

You know how sometimes you have 'one of those days'? I feel like it's 'one of those weeks'. The silly thing is, nothing major has gone wrong.. I've just been in a bad mood and not able to pull myself out of it very well. The kids haven't been sleeping well and so they've been grumpy so that hasn't helped. S-Boogie seems to be doing everything possible to assure that I will gladly hand her off to school next week without any tears or regrets. I've been feeling lazy and we haven't been able to go to the pool because her ear was still healing. So that has meant many days spent sitting around the house getting bored and picking on each other. On Wednesday morning I took them into the doctor to check her ear. She passed with flying colors, but the kids spent at least five minutes fighting over the lone chair in the exam room. I finally got fed up and put the chair out in the hall. One of the nurses gave me a funny look, but I don't care because it's been that kind of a week. Last night I even completely burned dinner. I'm still trying to clean the pan. I've also been antsy because I'm waiting for two pieces of mail that haven't shown up yet, plus Mr. Fob's computer died so he's been using mine all day. At least on Saturday Mr. Fob and I are spending the entire day together at Sunstone, so hopefully that will be a nice break and I can regroup for next week. Just don't laugh if you see me wearing my sweatpants; maternity stuff doesn't fit yet and I can't button my jeans. I can't wait until September.


Em said…
Oooooh, I hate the in-between pregnancy body phases! Yuck! But this too shall pass. ;-)

I'm in the in-between after phase. I can wear my jeans, but none of my tops (thanks to nursing). Just in time for back-to-teaching!

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