This Week

It's Saturday and now the week is mostly over I feel like I can finally post about it. It wasn't a bad week, just a busy one. Saturday night I returned from camping in California, then Sunday we had to get up early for church. Since the move and all our other traveling Little Dude has developed a serious aversion to nursery. Thankfully on Sunday I was able to help him go to class so hopefully the rest of the year will go well. This week I just hung out in the room, gradually withdrawing myself until I was able to leave because he was comfortable without me. I'm still hating the fact that being new in a ward means I cannot remember anyone's name, but church is going better I think. Sunday evening we went to my niece's baptism; it went well and everyone had a good time as far as I can tell. S-Boogie gave the closing prayer and did a good job up in front of everyone, even though few people could actually hear it.

Monday evening we had a birthday party for S-Boogie with the extended family, since that was the best time for people to do it. I spent most of the day cleaning and cooking to get ready for the party. Thankfully S-Boogie's grandpa showed up to take her shopping at the toy store, which meant that I could run errands with just one child. Since I only had Little Dude with me I decided to stop off at Motherhood in the mall just in case they had a nice dress on sale. Unbelievably, they had a very cute dress that fit me well and was a reasonable price. The birthday party was nice and S-Boogie had a great time with her 'big family' (as she likes to call it). Tuesday was my sister-in-law's wedding and it went really well. Her husband died seven years ago, and she recently met a wonderful man who lost his wife last year. They got married in the temple for time and had a lovely ceremony. Mr. Fob came and waited with the kids outside the temple; my niece really wanted to be there and be the first to hug her mom when she came out. Afterwards there was a small reception for family and the only thing I regret was that my camera batteries died and I didn't have fresh ones with me. We ate yummy food and danced, and the best part of the night for me was when tired Little Dude curled up in a chair and fell asleep. That was great.

Wednesday was S-Boogie's actual birthday, and I confess to feeling a bit unenthusiastic the whole day because I was already worn out from the previous few days. In the morning we stopped by her new school to enroll her in first grade and then made our weekly trip to the library. The kids got coupons for Taco Amigo for summer reading so I took them out to lunch and then we came home and took it easy for the rest of the afternoon. That night we opened presents as a family after dinner and ate some more of the cake and ice cream from Monday night.

Thankfully the rest of the week wasn't quite so bad. Thursday I had to take S-Boogie back to the doctor because she still had swimmer's ear after several days of ear drops. He prescribed stronger ones so hopefully we'll be able to clear it up soon. We are definitely taking better preventive measures once we get back in the pool because ear infections are no fun for anyone. Thursday night I got the chance to go out to dinner with some of the sisters I served with on my mission; I haven't seen many of them for a few years so it was fun to get together again. Yesterday we didn't leave the house at all. It was so nice. I also took a nap in the afternoon. Hopefully next week will be that low-key too. I've had enough excitement this week to last for a while!


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