We're Getting Away (and maybe you can too)

Mr. Fob called and made reservations for us to use our gift certificate this weekend and I can't wait. The kids are pretty excited because they get to spend time with their cousin and their auntie (and new uncle and cousins probably too). Now I'm just trying to decide what else we will do besides enjoy our suite at the hotel and our scheduled massage session at the spa. Anyone have good ideas for a Friday night in Salt Lake, Park City, or Heber? Part of me wants to just go through the drive-thru at Chik-fil-A and find a place to have a picnic, but I wonder if we should be more romantic than that.

Also, we have two tickets to the outdoor movie at the SCERA shell this Saturday night. They are showing Iron Man. If anyone wants them, let me know. I also have one coupon for buy one/get one free for tickets to the Bedtime Stories night at the Storytelling Festival (Friday Sep. 4) . The tickets for that are normally eight dollars per person (it's best for slightly older kids who are willing to sit and listen--we're probably pushing it by taking Little Dude). The kids got these things in their summer reading prizes and I hate to just throw them away if anyone wants them.


I do love me some chik-fil-a lemonade. I ate at a great Mexican restaraunt in Park City a couple of years ago with some sisters from my mission. Then we had caramel apples at Rocky Mt. Chocolate factory. Wow. I've always wanted to try the Alpine slide.

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