Since my summer has not already been completely full, we're hosting a blog party on Saturday night. This is your chance to see our beautiful new home (don't get your hopes up too high) and to meet the fabulous, and elusive, Melyngoch. Party starts at about 5:30. We'll provide some food--right now I'm thinking spinach dip with baguette and maybe some couscous salad. Email me for directions to my home and if you want to bring a food item. Hope to see you there!


Amira said…
I wish you still lived in Seattle!
Katya said…
They seek her here, they seek her there.
Those FOBster seek her everywhere!
Zillah said…
sure you don't want to relocate the party to south bend? sigh.
Melyngoch said…
You know, sometimes people try to tell me that it's not all about me, but I think this is clear evidence that it actually is.
Th. said…

I just `remembered that you're supposed to be coming to see me too, Mel.

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