3 weeks and two days

That's how much more time I have until my c-section date. Up until last week or so, I'd actually been feeling pretty good. I don't know if it was the end of the holidays or what, but suddenly I feel very done with being pregnant. The baby seems to have had a growth spurt and my belly feels huge. Things like putting on clothes, rolling over in bed, getting up from chairs, bending, and even breathing are difficult. Plus I've actually had some contractions, not something I experienced a lot of with my other two kids.

Today I had appointments with both my therapist and my OB. Mentally things are going well and we talked about strategies to keep them that way. I'm grateful to know that I've got support in case my brain gets weird again, but I'm also grateful that my life is in a much better place this time around. Even if I do end up with an emergency delivery again this time it will probably not be quite so traumatic to my brain. My other appointment also went well; baby is growing well and sounds great. The only problem was that my blood pressure was actually too low. I've had this problem for most of my life; yes, high blood pressure is a big issue, but having it too low can cause issues too. I've been feeling very run-down and my legs keep cramping, both of which are due to the fact that my pressure is low. There's not a lot to do about it besides drink more water and be more active. I'm trying to balance my activity levels with avoiding too many contractions. Yuck. I will definitely keep counting the next twenty-three days and hope they go by quickly!


Vanessa Swenson said…
Good luck! I'll pray for the smoothest 23 days of your life.

btw, the captcha for this comment is "instork." it's like it knew it was about pregnancy, or something.
Desmama said…
Oh, wow, I'm so excited for this new little one. You do have the most adorable babies. :)

I had fairly low blood pressure during my pregnancies, though I don't think it was ever too low to cause problems. If I remember correctly, the doctor said that it usually rises just a bit right at the end.

word verification: "peric"--it is like it knew it's about pregnancy!
Samantha said…
My blood pressure with my second baby was so low that if I sat down I passed out. I spent almost the entire pregnancy standing or lying on my side. And the leg cramps were excruciating--mostly because I kept stiffening my muscles just a tiny bit, just to see if I'd get a cramp. And of course, I did. But still, I could never resist the urge to check. Silly.

Glad things are winding down, and I can't wait to see the new baby, who will, naturally, be adorable.
Maraiya said…
A friend of mine once said that the purpose of the ninth month of pregnancy was to make you so miserable that you were willing to go through ANYTHING to be done. I have found this to be very. very. true.
I'm due around the same time; I will probably go a bit longer, as I usually do.

Making sure I have enough magnesium really helps with my leg cramps. I have low blood pressure, too.
Hang in there. It will be wonderful.

Word verification: carnes.

Hm . . . maybe your post should have been about meat.
Tina said…
If you're tired of being pregnant, maybe you shouldn't worry about balancing your activity to avoid contractions. By 37 weeks, I say exericse and bring on the contractions. (Said in jest, yet true for me. Those last few weeks seem to last forever!)

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