Stuff I'm Good At

I think it's very easy for most of us to think of things that we aren't very good at. For a lot of reasons there is a human tendency to play down our accomplishments and to focus on the negative. There can be good reasons for this, because no one likes a narcissist, and because humility helps us see the things we can improve on. Lately, though, I keep feeling like I've been blessed with the ability to see ways in which I've made progress in my life. Sometimes I think it's good to take time to acknowledge ways in which we're doing well. Here are a few things I've recognized today:

As I grow as a mother I really do have days when I feel like "hey, I think I'm getting the hang of this" (of course they're always followed by those days that are humbling in the worst way). This morning we got up and went to Church as usual; during Sacrament meeting Little Dude was particularly whiny and clingy and kept wanting to sit on my (nonexistent) lap. After church he picked at his lunch, but I've learned from past experience not push kids to eat when they don't want to. Later in the afternoon he actually fell asleep on the couch for a while, another bad sign. Then he woke up and we started reading books. Fearing for my couch, I had S-Boogie go get a big bowl for him. Sure enough, less than five minutes later he started throwing up. The couch was spared--which was a good thing because the only thing he ate for lunch was blueberries. During the rest of the afternoon I felt good about the fact that I could be calm and deal with his illness because I've seen viruses like this before and it's not a big deal anymore. He threw up a few more times and then we put him to bed after making sure he could keep down a bit more water. Hopefully he'll be better in the morning. It's nice to realize that I'm not only learning from my past experiences but also becoming a more calm and rational mother.

Also, tonight as we sat down to dinner I thought about the fact that I'm really good at providing for my family's food needs. I've been cooking for a long time and I feel confident in my ability to put together healthy, nutritious food that still fits in our budget. I love planning menus and figuring out how to make sure we eat a variety of foods without too much wasted money or food. That's one of my homemaking skills that I'm proud of.

And finally, I think I'm really growing more and more comfortable within my own skin. In both Sunday School and Relief Society lately the lessons have been about our eternal nature as children of God, and today as we were talking about our personal attributes I really felt a sense of peace in knowing who I am. Sometimes it's hard because I see other women around me doing or saying certain things and I want to be them, but I know that I'm not. I have strengths too, and even if they aren't the same ones, they are still mine. I've wasted a lot of time in my life trying to act in ways I didn't totally like because I wanted to be someone else, but I feel like I'm getting to a point where I am happy just being myself.

So, what are you good at? You can answer here or on your own blog.


Desmama said…
This post really resonated with me because I've felt the same way the past year or so. Comfortable in my own skin is really the best way to describe it, and it's a good feeling. Not complacent where I need to improve, but happily trying, noting progress, and keeping at it.
Emma said…
You've got me thinking. I am constantly trying to be a better mother, but I need to focus more on how I can improve, now how awful I've been. There are plenty of things I'm good at. Baking, singing, staying on a budget, reading to my kids, and more. I'll have to think about it...
skyeJ said…
I'm good at a lot of things, and I don't have to think too long to figure them out. I'm a good cook, a good nurse, an EXCELLENT phlebotomist, among other things. I wonder if it has something to do with being a mom that makes you constantly second guess yourself and focus on the things you think you aren't doing right. There's always someone out there telling you that you're failing somehow as a parent. Although, there is also always someone out there telling you how you're failing as a woman, as well. That message is pretty ubiquitous in our society. Manufacturing and reinforcing low self image in women sells a LOT of stuff and gets us to put up with a lot of crap we might not otherwise put up with.

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