How Did I Get Here?

Did February sneak up on anyone else? I can't believe that Monday is already February. I've always liked it better than January because it's shorter and because it contains Valentine's Day. I love Valentine's Day; this year I don't have any big plans since I will have a ten-day-old baby. I hope Mr. Fob is planning to pamper me (hint, hint).

Last June February seemed so far away, and yet now it feels like I've been pregnant forever. I can't remember what it was like to be able to bend down. I vaguely remember my 'real clothes'. I don't think the writhing and kicking in my belly are very cute anymore. This time around I have actually felt pretty good while pregnant, but I hit the wall a few weeks ago. Suddenly I feel huge and grumpy and just plain 'done'.

I mostly writing this post to remind myself that there was a reason why I wanted to actually have the baby. Because I know in a week or two I'm going to be exhausted, sore, leaky, and hormonally unstable and I know that I will long to put the baby back inside. It's a good thing that's not an option.


Gina said…
With all three of my kids I've felt better the instant they were born. Physically, emotionally, everything. So maybe you're almost done with the very worst of it :) With my last baby, I realized I could have used help a lot more in the last week or so before he was born (when I felt physically exhausted and emotionally drained) rather than after his birth (when I felt comparatively fabulous). Consider using up some of your offers of help to get you through the next few days. I'm excited for you!! New little babies are so amazing.
Michelle said…
Like Gina, I felt SOOOOOOO much better when the baby was born. It's the best! Soak it up. And I hope you have your little one on my birthday, Feb. 2nd. :)
A February baby has to be filled with love, right? January has been a bit blah for me this year (understatement of 2010) and I'm looking forward to making Valentine's Day special. And though your own holiday might be a bit low-key this year, there is nothing for adding love to the home like a new baby. All the best!
Heather said…
Hi, I have read your blog a little and I just realized that we are having our babies on the same day. I feel for you. Today when I got home for church I went straight to bed without saying a word to my family, I just can't wait until she is finally out of my body and I have a little energy back.

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