Random Post: Moving

Last Tuesday I came home from an appointment and Mr. Fob greeted me by asking 'what's the happiest news I could give you right now?' I guessed, correctly, that it had something to do with our house. The seller's bank finally did whatever it was they needed to do for us to close on it, so we scheduled closing and moving. Since we were anxious to move and we had time off for the holiday we made plans to move last Friday.

This was probably one of our craziest moves yet, though not as bad as the time we suddenly had to switch apartments due to water damage a few years ago. We spent most of Thursday packing what we could. Mr. Fob's sister was awesome and helped us out for most of the day as well. I avoided lifting anything but still ended up completely exhausted for the entire weekend. I tried getting in touch with our home teachers on Thursday and wasn't able to, so reluctantly had to call Friday morning to tell them we were moving within a few hours. Amazingly we had a large number of men show up to help us out. There were so many people and our stuff was half-packed so things were pretty chaotic. But everything got moved over within two hours and I felt much better about having called for help.

My parents got here Friday night and stayed through Sunday. It was great to have some extra help with unpacking and my Dad helped Mr. Fob fix up some things around the house. Our new place is a bit older, but it has been maintained well and is in generally good shape. Just a note for anyone considering remodelling in the future: please don't take out the phone jacks. As the lady from Qwest reminded us, they can be difficult to put in and sometimes even impossible. Also, if you're going to install outlets make sure they aren't all upside down and that you're grounding them. That's all.

So we're in our new house and I'm enjoying it a lot. The kitchen is fabulous, the furnace works well so we are comfortable, and having more than one toilet is an amazing luxury. Hopefully this month will be a lot more calm from here on out.


Lindsay said…
Congratulations! What happy news!
Em said…
HOORAY for a house! That's great news.
Julie said…
I'm so happy for you guys! I hope you can now relax a little and get ready for the new baby!
Th. said…

Desmama said…
I'm so glad you're finally able to move in. Hopefully you can get somewhat settled before Baby makes an appearance.
Evelyn Theresa said…
Congratulations! That is so exciting! What a wonderful thing to have happen before the baby comes.

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