4 Days of Christmas Memories

I read another blog post today bemoaning those "cheesy Christmas letters that everyone sends to brag about how perfect their family is". I felt a little defensive because our annual Christmas letter has become a treasured family tradition for Mr. Fob and I. And, while we do tend to highlight the good things, we really don't send it out to brag. We've been having a little trouble with getting this year's letter written and sent out on time, partly because we don't have a decent picture and partly because we're trying to find the best way to talk about what's been happening with us this year. I like to be honest about ourselves, but I also feel like we don't have to tell everyone every gory detail of our lives. Christmas is a time of peace and optimism, so I think our letters should reflect that.

We started the tradition with our very first Christmas, even though we had only been married for a month. The idea was planted in a Sunday School lesson about family history while we were engaged. The teacher pointed out that an annual letter is a great way to keep a summary of your family's history for each year. Mr. Fob is a creative writer (he has the degree to prove it), so we thought we'd put his talents to work. If you're lucky enough to get on the Thteed's mailing list you will know that ours is nothing compared to their yearly efforts. But I know that our friends and relatives love hearing about how we've been doing, just like I love reading their letters. So keep watching your mailbox and hopefully you'll get a letter sometime before New Year's. Just to cut the suspense, we are not copying all of our friends by having a baby next year. You'll have to wait until 2010 or so for that one.


bawb said…
I like those yearly update letters.
Katya said…
I think it's entirely possible to write an upbeat Christmas newsletter without "braging about how perfect" you are.

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