T Minus 24

I think I write a post before every trip about how stressful it is to pack and get everyone ready to go. We're leaving tomorrow after S-Boogie gets home from school and will drive part of the way before stopping for the night.

The main thing I'm stressed about is that we finally got the movie Volver from the library and if we don't watch it tonight we'll have to wait another four months. Of course, we could also just rent it and watch it with my parents. They might like it.

I'm also a little nervous to take Little Dude on a trip because he's been acting very difficult this week. It's like he's got some kind of toddler PMS or something. Yesterday and the day before he cried hysterically every time I tried to put him in his bed for a nap. I'm scared to try again today, but neither of us can get through the day without a nap for him. Plus he's done the tantrum over the carseat, breakfast tantrum involving throwing bananas, the tantrum over mommy going to work, etc. I think it's a combo of multiple teeth coming in coupled with increasing awareness of his own power and our power to stifle his will. Such terrible angst to have at such a young age!

I went to DI this morning to drop stuff off and, against my better judgement, went in and spent money. However, I was most happy to find a cute, knit hat for Little Dude that he actually kept on his head. Not only that, it was the perfect shade of red and blue to match his coat and it cost 9 dollars less than the hat I got the other day at Target. I'm glad I saved my receipt from that one. Of course I negated the money saved by splurging on new pants and a shirt, but we aren't going to think about that. I also found a cool cookie scoop for only a quarter. I love DI!

Does anyone out there know a good, cheap place for kids haircuts in either Utah Valley or Vegas? If you do, email me.


Lindsay said…
There's a salon in Provo that me and all my siblings went to growing up. It's called Command Performance and it's on State Street and University Pkwy in the same complex as Burlington Coat Factory, CompUSA, Office Max, and Barnes and Noble. Unless they've changed their prices since I moved away, kids cuts are $10 or less.

Good luck with the stress! I'm starting to feel the same sort of antsyness.
Desmama said…
TinyDes has had days that sound similar to Little Dude's. She usually tries to find a soft place to throw herself down and start kicking. If I weren't her mother, it'd probably be slightly funny, but it's more baffling to me. Perhaps toddlers everywhere are revolting. Or something.
Edgy said…
Ooh. Watch Volver tonight if you can; don't wait. I remember enjoying that movie last year.
rantipoler said…
Toddler PMS - ha! That's awesome.
Earth Sign Mama said…
Toddlers are often revolting, frequently offensive, and totally irresistable.
Jenny said…
My friend's hair person is really good and it's $8 for their kids. I am going to take my kid to her. I can give you the number if you want it.

I remember the first day Ethan threw himself back onto the ground to cry and kick his legs. It's mostly worn off though. Doing it a few times on the kitchen floor taught him very sad lessons.

I hope the car ride is painless.
Kristeee said…
Good luck with your trip and the toddler PMS. My step-sisters swear by Dime-a-napp... :)
Did you really say toddler PMS?

Th. said…

Oh no! Not another post before your trip about how stressful it is to pack and get everyone ready to go!!!!!

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