For any of the parents among my readers: do your children scream all day long?

Mr. Fob and I have come to the conclusion that our mental health is suffering serious damage because our children make noise all the time. With Little Dude it's the usual toddler lack of volume control. Especially if you leave him in his chair at the table too long, he'll just start screaming his head off. Then S-Boogie will get sick of him screaming and start yelling at him to stop yelling. And then they have a nonsense argument at top volume. S-Boogie mostly just has a constant stream of noise coming from her. Usually it's some sort of humming or imaginary conversation, but sometimes it's highly annoying yelping. She's also decided that when she's scared or excited, the best thing to do is to scream as loud as she can. Oh, and then there are the numerous times during the day when one of them decides to take off running and screaming through the house, which means the other one has to join in too. Hopefully our eardrums and our sanity will last a few more years. Sometimes I look forward to the teenage years when they become mute. Although I can't see S-Boogie ever doing that.


Earth Sign Mama said…
When they start the screaming and running, is there the option to send them to the patio where they may scream and run with impunity? Yeah, screaming indoors is really just too nerve-wracking. I mean, make it a part of the deal--"Oh, screaming? Out you go, that's the screaming place. See you later! Have fun!" Day, night, rain, shine. Maybe by not forbidding it, just compartmentalizing it, the thrill will diminish.
skyeJ said…
cats don't scream. But one of them likes to talk all the time. He likes to come and announce when he's pooped in the new amazing self-cleaning litterbox so I can come turn on the cleaning cycle.
We are big on outside time. ESM is right on. On especially obnoxious in-the-house-days, I have been known to toss their shoes/coats out behind them and then lock the door. Just for a few minutes.

Compartmentalizing is good too. My boys are notorious for wrestling, especially after dinner when I want the house unwinding for bedtime. I could include Plantboy in that "boys" designation about half the time. So I will set the timer--For 15 minutes you can have a dart-gun fight, wrestling match, light saber duel, etc. (whatever noisy thing they want), but when that is over we will color, play legos, read stories, etc. Other noisy games--transformers, trains, and other things with a lot of loud machine sounds I usually have them pick a room to play in and then shut the door behind them.

Time helps, but training can too, so don't give up on them. They are just expressing their little selves. :)
Julie said…
LOL!! Just be glad you only have 2 to make noise. I've determined that with 5 there is always at least one screaming/crying and usually more than one at once! I'm sure I lost my sanity a long time ago.
Desmama said…
I hear you (no pun intended). DesTot and TinyDes feed off each other when it comes to noise. We've had to crack down lately on not YELLING at each other (or at Mom and Dad) when we just need to talk. My mom remembers when we were little and she'd have a few moments to herself when Dad would take us to Grandma's. She said, "I'd just sit there and listen to the refrigerator run."
Th. said…

Padded room.
Yes. Everybody yells all day long here.

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