My Two Latest Obsessions

If you have a Safeway near you, you really need to go try the following foods:

Pumpkin Pie yogurt--I've never seen this flavor before, but it is really tasty. It's a "limited edition." It's the Safeway brand (Lucerne). They also have pumpkin flavored cream cheese, but we haven't tried it yet.

Gingerbread Cookie Ice Cream--Also Safeway brand. It's super tasty ice cream with soft little gingerbread cookies in it. I think I'm becoming addicted.


Emma said…
ooh those both sound good!
skylark said…
mmm that ice cream sounds really yummy. i usually shop at whole foods because it's closer, but i might just have to make the trek to safeway for that treat.
Desi said…
I haven't tried either of those, but you have to try the pumpkin cream cheese and the pumpkin bagels from Noahs Bagels. It's to die for!
Samantha said…
Okay--those are yummy. I also recommend Safeway's Coconut and Red Curry Chicken Bisque. I can eat it till I'm too full--and I'm a vegetarian. It's wonderful.
Julie said…
I used to have a Safeway 2 minutes from my house. No such store now.

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