Christmas Wishes

So I'm taking a little breather from writing papers to write a post. By Friday I should have my final projects all finished up and turned in and I hope I'll have a little more time to write things on here. I'm really looking forward to having three weeks of time off to do whatever I want. I've been having some trouble with my Amazon wish list, because the email connected to it no longer exists and I have no way to log in and update it anymore. Apparently changing the email on your Amazon account does not affect the email on your wishlist, but my password got changed and I don't know how to figure it out. I need to call customer service one of these days.

I'm not really sure what I want for Christmas; there are a few kitchen things I wouldn't mind getting, and I'd really like this book, but that's about it. What I'd really like is for an angel to appear and lay out my future for me (or for someone to make housing prices drop here), but that's not going to happen. At least I have a lot of good ideas for the kids, but that's also hard because it's difficult to choose what to buy. There are a few things they need, like S-Boogie could really use a new winter hat (and she wants a scarf) and Little Dude needs bigger pajamas because 2T isn't cutting it anymore. I would also like to buy them some slippers so they don't have to wear socks in the house and risk slipping on the tile floors. I think for Little Dude I'm leaning towards getting him a sleeping bag. S-Boogie's auntie bought her this one a few years ago and it has been fabulous. Little Dude has outgrown the travel crib, and I know he's going to be super jealous of the sleeping bag on our next trip. I just want to find something cute that is the same quality as S-Boogie's, because I love the fact that it's high quality and easy to wash. The kids already have some fun toys and books under the tree from family members and I know they'll be getting some more. I think I might get S-Boogie some clothes or other accessories for her Groovy Girls, especially because we recently bought one at the Salvation Army that didn't have any clothes.


rantipoler said…
I really love the practicality of your Christmas list. I always ask for things like books and socks, too!
"What I'd really like is for an agnel to appear and lay out my future for me . . . "


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