Winter Break

Yesterday afternoon I rode my bike down to campus and slipped my last paper of the quarter under my professor's door. It was a great feeling. I actually found all three of my final papers this quarter to be somewhat easy to write. I put a lot of time into research and planning (literally hours on my Shakespeare paper) and for once I had plenty to say for each one. I'm still afraid that my professors are just going to laugh when they read my essays and then fail me, but at this point I don't think that would be the worst thing that could happen to me.

So now I have three weeks of freedom; I celebrated last night by making a pear streusel cake, and then ate most of it today. Seriously. I made a conscious decision to have no self-control and just enjoyed myself. This morning Little Dude and I also went to the produce stand and had a heyday. It was awesome: broccoli for .33 a pound. I also spent $1.50 on five pounds of sweet potatoes. And I love living in a place where fresh mandarin oranges are only $1.00 a pound. We will be getting our healthy vitamins during the next week.

I know the next few weeks will fly by, but I am getting excited to finish up our Christmas plans. We're pretty sure we've found a good deal on a sleeping bag for Little Dude from EBay and then we need to get S-Boogie a present. I'm not sure yet what I'm getting for Mr. Fob. New socks? Tonight we went to the Christmas party at church and both kids actually sat on Santa's lap. Little Dude was very nervous, but he didn't cry. At risk of offending anyone involved in the planning of the party, I wasn't very impressed with their lack of consideration for small children (and there were a lot of them there). The party started with a potluck dinner at about 6:20. Which meant my kids were done eating by 6:30. Santa wasn't scheduled to arrive until 7:30, so they expected us to all sit in our seats and sing Christmas carols for an hour. There is no way my toddler is going to sit and sing for that long. I would have enjoyed a nice evening of socializing with the kids running around (like most Church parties) if there hadn't been someone getting on the microphone every so often reminding us to sing and to keep our kids under control. Not cool. Maybe next year they should set up a kids' table with coloring or something. Eesh. At least we got tasty pie from Costco. Yum. Not that I needed pie after eating most of a cake today. I'm throwing any sense of dieting out the window until school starts again.


Em said…
Oh, I'm jealous of the done-ness! I can't say the same about time and research...I didn't do a heck of a lot of either. And now, it's coming to get me. Oh well. Two of the three are due on Monday, so it can't last too long.

Odd about the Christmas party. And very much in bad taste for them to tell everyone to keep little kids in seats for an hour to sing songs they don't know the words to...
Desmama said…
I like the idea of a conscious decision to have no self-control. That sounds like my kind of holiday. ;)
Cheryl said…
Yeah, your ward party was a Fail. I don't understand how they could have forgotten about wiggly kids? I thought that was practically doctrine!
Ours would have failed if the parents weren't super aware that we didn't eat until 7:30PM --they had a program and the Nativity first (starting at 6:30) and then we ate. Because of our awareness, all of us fed our kids before we went, and then they were hungry again later. Worked like a charm!

I have put off baking anything yummy because I know I would binge. But maybe your idea of forgetting self-control is one I can adopt... I'm likin' it!

P.S. Thanks for your awesome comments as of late. They've meant a lot, btw.
rantipoler said…
Like Em, I'm jealous of your done-ness! I have one left which is due on Monday, but it's mostly written.

Also, I'm very impressed that both of your kids sat on Santa's lap. Apparently there's a book of photos that just came out about crying kids on Santa's lap.
Edgy said…
Congratulations on the doneness!

I'm jealous of your mandarin orange steal. Quite jealous.

I find it irritating when ward activity planners fail to take into account the little kids. our kids are preteens and I'm doubtful we would have made it through the hour to Santa.
skylark said…
mmm, sweet potatoes...

enjoy your break!
Th. said…

Well, at our ward party last year we all caught the rotovirus and spent the next few days, as a ward, exploding out both ends. So feel better! Things get worse!

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