These videos are just for my mom

Since she hasn't been to a California parade for a few years and I'm sure she misses the charro horses and the folklorico dancers. I made a last-minute decision to take the kids to a Christmas parade this morning and it was so worth it. Mr. Fob went to help someone in our ward move so I had the kids all by myself this morning. I was tempted to just let them sit around vegging on television, since the thought of taking them by myself just wasn't that exciting. But it was only about ten minutes away, and the weather wasn't that cold (I made them wear coats and hats and gloves). I'd heard that it was the largest Christmas parade in northern California, and they were right. It lasted nearly three hours and we stayed for the whole thing. Little Dude was mostly done after two hours, but S-Boogie really wanted to stay and see Santa on the last float. This parade seriously had everything: fire trucks, vintage tractors and fire trucks, horses, marching bands, church buses, church bands, motorcycles, CHIPs in a Camaro, a search-and-resuce boat (on a trailer), police on horses, Mexican dancers, Scottish bagpipers, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and of course the Shriners in their go-karts. That was the best part and the kids loved it. I wish they'd had a few more marching bands, but other than that it was a great experience. I found myself getting all nostalgic because we went to a lot of parades when I was a kid, plus my older brother was in marching band for four years, so I've seen a lot of parades. And I've been in a few. Such a lot of fun, and now as an adult I really appreciate the community spirit that comes from getting so many different people together to have a great time and show off their talents.


Earth Sign Mama said…
Wow, I haven't been to a parade for a long time! I'm glad you went to one, and the Christmas one, at that! Hurrah for marching band, and charros, and Shriners!
diabetic socks said…
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