All I want for Christmas to be in our new house! Well, and a million dollars. Seriously, though, I'm only writing a post with my Christmas list for the benefit of the few readers out there who are already thinking of buying me a present. Didn't know where else to put it, so I apologize to everyone else for my self-indulgent post.

Chocolate--I always like chocolate, preferably dark. I like Sees chocolates, Ghiradelli squares, or basically anything tasty and good quality. Or Ritter Sport bars with cookie in them.

Gift cards for Target or Ikea--I've got bad nesting urges going right now, plus we're moving into a new home.

A sewing machine--speaking of crafty urges, I'd love to get back into sewing again.

Subscription for Irreantum or the New Yorker

Money for a massage, pedicure, or a new haircut

Diapers (not for me, for the occupant of my uterus who will be exiting soon)

I've also been thinking about family gifts and I think money for S-Boogie to take dance classes, a swimming pool pass for next summer, membership for the dinosaur museum (or Thanksgiving Point in general), or a renewal of our Costco membership would be awesome.

Of course, positive thoughts in the direction of the real estate venture or personal visits and phone calls are the best gifts of all.


TK said…
Wish I'd read this sooner - and you had posted sooner. I like your 'family pass' ideas for family gifts. I'll save the idea for the future.

And to save myself from commenting on another blog, I have to tell you that I laughed out loud when I read about your glow-in-the-dark pjs!

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